Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Just a few little updates

We are all doing well. I am very excited for Mom to come visit and help me out with Carson while Cory is out of town. I am SUPER excited about the 2 full nights of sleep I am going to get :) I am letting Mom handle Carson at night and he will still go to daycare during the day to give her a little break then she can go pick him up in the afternoon when she is rested.

Speaking of sleep, the training is going as well as to be expected. We spent the night at Becca and Zach's Saturday night, so Carson was in a different place at bedtime, and we didn't get to do his nightly routine, plus he slept next to Cory all night, so you can imagine how many times we had to go in and soothe him Sunday night. Last night was about the same. I also think he is teething, so he will be waking up more at night and we just have to accept that. I am going to try giving him some tylenol tonight to see if that helps the teething discomfort.

He rolls over constantly now! Everytime we go in to soothe him at night he is on his belly.

He is doing really well on baby food. He has cereal in the mornings at daycare and right now sweet potatoes in the evening. I will be trying one food per week to make sure he doesn't develop any allergies. I can't wait for him to try some of the sweeter ones, I think he will really like them. I love buying those tiny jars of baby food, they are SO cute!

He loves his baths now, and boy does he splash! I am ready for him to sit up on his own so I can bathe him in the kitchen; bathing him leaning over the bath tub is hard on our backs.

Cory: I am so excited for the plans I made for Cory's 30th Birthday! Although it will be hard leaving Carson for a night for the 1st time, we are in desperate need of some R&R and some time alone.

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