Thursday, February 25, 2010


Wow....I am addicted to reading blogs. Seriously addicted. A co-worker of mine thought I only read friends' and family blogs, and I told him that blog reading is like reality TV....the stranger blogs are the best. I have found a good, juicy one.

You may have come across it if you read "the big blogs" such as Baby Rabies and Mckmama, she is quite popular. To me, this blog takes the cake. There is a ton of controversy (read the comments) on her post about her boys' room and as soon as I read this I was hooked. I have since been reading her posts in reverse.

Her blog is a "frugal blog" - something I don't at all aspire to....I wouldn't be able to live that way. But her thought process and the things she is willing to do to save a penny are extremely interesting. For example, she spent about 3 or so days sprouting rice to make a substitute for oatmeal, b/c oatmeal apparently has a nutrient blocking substance.

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