Monday, February 8, 2010

My Diaper Review, and helpful baby products

Let me preface this by saying we haven’t had very many leaks or explosions with any diapers. The one poop explosion that occurred was b/c we didn’t know he had pooped and he was in the jumperoo jumping away, pushing the poop further up his back and out of the sides of the diaper - you can imagine the disaster we encountered (he was on antibiotics at the time). Also, a funny story I must tell: We went to visit family in AL this weekend and on the way home (on the interstate) Carson decided to have a messy diaper. So we pulled over to change him. While the diaper was off, he sprayed poop on Cory’s jeans, sock, and on the seat of the car. I guess God saw an opportunity, as if the weekend hadn’t had enough mishaps. It was funny though.

Back to the review:

Ratings are on a scale of 1-10, 10 being the highest.

Pampers Swaddlers: 9, I LOVE these. We had a lot of these in the beginning, they were given as gifts. They smell like that sweet new baby smell – kinda like the nursery does when everything is brand new, they are super soft and not at all bulky. I deducted a point b/c they are so expensive.

Pampers: 8, I like these. They are soft, not bulky, they don’t really have a smell. My only complaint is really the price, they are only a bit cheaper than swaddlers. Pampers Cruisers: Mom had some of these at her house this weekend, and I liked them a lot. They are soft, and not bulky. Sadly we won’t be using them, b/c we won’t be spending that much on diapers.

Huggies: 7, price-wise I think they are similar to pampers, they are a bit bulky, but still soft and have no smell.

Luvs: 7, we will probably use Luvs again in the future if the BJ’s and Publix brand aren’t perfection. They are not at all bulky, and they are the best price of the name brand diapers. They do however make Carson’s pee smell a bit stronger, weird. They are not quite as soft as pampers, but not at all stiff like Wal-Mart and Kroger.

Target (Up & Up): 7, I liked this brand, they feel like the pampers swaddlers – very soft, and not at all bulky, I tried to see if I could buy them in bulk, but I don’t think you can. Also, in the pack I bought, there was one that had a defect, it didn’t have any flaps. And finally, there is a polka dot pattern all over the diaper so it’s hard to tell front from back in the dark.

Kroger: Ehhhh, I give them a 6. Bulky and stiff. Not worth giving up the name brands, we had a tiny leak the other night, but it could have just been an instance of where the nozzle was pointing :).

Wal-Mart (Parents Choice): 5; even stiffer than the Kroger brand. Very bulky. Do not like these.

Trying Next:
Publix (had a coupon so thought I would give them a try)
BJ’s (BJ’s is like a Sam’s or Costco; these diapers are the cheapest deal we have found so we are going to give them a try in a month or so when we run out of diapers)

I hope this post helps some new moms out there when the diaper gift stash is gone!

Also, some baby products/things/ideas that are good for a 6 month old:

Coupons: Publix baby club (you can sign up on their website) – In the beginning you live off of gifts from family and baby showers, but now that the free ride is over its time to use the coupons. We usually buy in bulk at BJ’s, but there were some items I needed and I didn’t feel like going to BJ’s after work, so I went to Publix and I had a few $1 off, $3 off and some BOGO coupons. I saved $12 off of a $30 purchase, not too shabby.

DVR: At this age, my baby wakes up around 5:30-6:30am ready to begin a new day with a smile and I am not always ready to get up, especially on the weekends, so I just put on some of his favorite cartoons and he is very content until he gets hungry. PBS is awesome!

Plastic bibs: for when they are eating the really colorful baby food, then you can just wipe them down like the high-chair and reuse them a few times before you really wash them w/ soap and water.

Toys: Plush toys, Carson always hits himself in the face with whatever toy he is playing with. He loves the plush blocks Nana gave him for Christmas, especially the one that makes the paper-crunch sound. He also loves these stackable rings, I like these b/c
A) Carson likes them
B) I can throw a couple in his bag to take when we go out to eat and I can wipe them off easy when he drops them 100 times
C) the top ring also serves as a rattle, and he loves things that make noise!

Baby powder: Our baby does still wake up a few times at night, but we just give him his passy back and he goes back to sleep typically. So he wears his diaper for about 8 hours, so I sprinkle a little baby powder in his diaper area at bedtime to help prevent diaper rash, and it smells great. There is nothing like the smell of Johnson and Johnson products!
Lotion: Some babies get eczema when they begin to eat solids, the Dr. was not concerned with it, its very common, but I always want to make Carson as comfy as possible so I tried a product that worked wonders for him – California Baby - Super Sensitive (unscented, organic) lotion, it is not cheap (about $10 per bottle) but it works - it cleared the eczema right up! I tried regular baby lotion and Aquafor before but they didn’t help.


Beth said...

Hey Kimberly! I sometimes read your blogs when I am reading Alison Cottingham's posts. You have a beautiful little boy and I love reading about him. I would love to see him sometime when you are in Centreville. It is so neat to be able to keep up with all my former students and friends!
Beth Downs

And they call it puppy love said...

Well Hello Mrs. Beth! Thank you for the sweet compliment! I am so glad to hear from you! Hope you and your family are doing well!

Anonymous said...

Wow great ideas and comments! Can you believe, I am gonna try cloth diapers. LOL.