Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Reporting Back

Ok so it has only been one night, but the Pampers Baby Dry diaper worked great (knock on wood). I was hoping to purchase a couple of other brands to try as well, but they didn't have any overnight diapers in size 3 at Target. I did however find and purchase the cutest baby boy flip flops - a must have! I can't wait to dress Cory and Carson alike this spring in their plaid shorts and flip flops!

So... for the final diapering decision, we will use the BJ's brand during the day and Pampers Baby Dry overnight.

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Courtney said...

So glad they worked for y'all! (knock on wood for me too) but we have never had a leak or a blowout in a baby dry diaper (probably been about a month since the switch). Too cute about the flip flops and plaid shorts--ugh I can't wait!!!!