Monday, March 15, 2010

Almost done...maybe

I wish I hadn't promised pictures by today, when typing that I knew I had jinxed the whole thing! And boy did I. A very simple thing turned into a huge project. Way too huge to have a 7 month old to take care of. For our next project (simply painting the bedroom) we have lined up Cory's mom to come watch Carson/help paint.

What we have accomplished:
-Paint (the color is much darker than my original ideas)
-Shower faucet, shower head, handles (this took 2 days believe it or not, we had to replace the wall behind the shower...I mean Cory replaced the wall...I just helped a tad)
-Light fixture

To-Do items:
-Replace handles on vanity
-Replace baseboards and shoe molding
-Put up towel rack and toilet paper holder
-Decorate! :) We couldn't do the bronze accessories as our options were limited so we went with silver/polished chrome theme
-Paint the trim and door (this won't be done until we paint the bedroom white in a couple of weeks)

I would like to say that I am SO lucky to have such a smart, handy, hard-working husband. He did such a good job figuring out all the crap he had to deal with this weekend! I love you babe!

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Candace said...

Sounds like you've been working hard, but I still can't wait to see the final product!
I know what you mean about not being able to get things done too. I usually blog at school, and now since I'm on spring break, I'm currently typing with a crying baby in my arms. Why is she crying, you ask? She's not getting her way. Spoiled is not the word - ha!