Monday, March 8, 2010


The past few days Carson has started jibber-jabbering more and more which I didn't think was possible! His little language reminds me of the episode of Friends where Joey is trying to learn French from Phoebe. :)


Hollyhand House said...

I love that episode! So funny!

Alison said...

So funny!

Prepare yourself! This could be the start of WORDS, real words!!

Just FYI Carys started "talking" I mean real words by the time she was 10 months old. very little gabber or baby talk. I thought this to be normal!


Then The SAWman came along and he did not say a WORD till he was like a year then he started talking all the sudden in full sentances, like he could do it all along!

It is super fun to go through all these stages! I am sure you have heard this before but WRITE THIS STUFF DOWN (or print it out from your blog)! As wonderful as it is, and as much as you think you will never forget it, you WILL!!!

Lots of Love!