Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Bathroom, Re-Done

So we finally finished the bathroom after one weekend and 3 weeknights, very exhausting!

The knobs/handles/hinges on the vanity were a faded gold color.

Very old fashioned handles in the shower:

For some reason blogger wants this pic to be vertical, I rotated it and saved it, but for some reason it won't work right. Anyway this was the light fixture, gold and brown.

It was quite messy before we started!

The little rolling organizer cart - had to go! Took up too much space and looked like crap. We usually would put some of Carson's dirty clothes in the cubbies and our clean folded towels on top. Cory is going to build a cabinet to go over the toilet for towels.

Shower curtain, not sure what I was thinking.

Ohhh the mess we made!

My handyman :)


We went with a darker color than I originally wanted, it turned out better b/c we needed the creams and whites to blend and the darker blue helps with that.

View from on top of the vanity:

The new lights are SO bright it was hard to get a good pic.

White rugs, and you can see the new baseboards and shoe molding:

I LOVE the waffle look on the shower curtain and the white towels we have. We also got a new shower curtain rod. The old one from the previous home owner had pink paint on it.

New shower head:

New handles:

I pulled out some accessories from one of my Bridal showers: bath salts made by Kelly and the soap from Anthropology from Cyn. I wanted everything very simple, so the yellow soap and flowers (above) added a splash of color.
This is Cory's favorite accessorie, the toilet paper holder; he says I am bad about not putting the toilet paper back on the roll when we run out and that this will help me. He has actually compared living with me to living with a frat boy!

The new bright white baseboards really make the room look great. This is where we will hang the cabinet that Cory will make:
New silver and white knobs and handle on the vanity and a new basket for laundry, etc...

We got a silver towel rack and trash can.
We decided not to change the sink faucet, it just needed a good scrubbing.

We changed the light switches, covers and outlet to white (they were cream, with pink paint splattered on them, ick!)


Hollyhand House said...

It looks fabulous!! Its amazing what a little paint can do! I love that color by the way. You just never know what the color will actually be until its on the wall...that was my experience with both our bathrooms! Maybe I can talk Riley into more painting one day! haha

Mary and Chris said...

so pretty!! we're about to redo ours next month, what a process huh? good to meet yall at Rebecca's party after reading on the blogging world...Carson is just precious!

Janie said...

Gorgeous! What a renovation!

kimberly t. bowling said...

Super redo! I didn't think the brown and aqua shower curtain was all that bad...but I do LOVE the new waffle curtain and the sleeker look of all the white in there now.

Candace said...

Love it! Your photography looks sharp too! Job well done!