Monday, November 29, 2010

Thanksgiving in AL

We headed out Wednesday afternoon to my parents house and stayed 2 nights, Carson had such a good time with his cousins Andrew and Alivia, they are now all at an age where they really enjoy playing together. Then we went to Cory's parents for 2 nights and Carson got to play with the 6 cousins on that side. I love the ages of all the cousins now, it is so cute watching them play together. I can already tell that Carson is going to be the instigator and probably get all the kids in trouble, I am pretty sure he takes after his Daddy. His cousin Tucker followed him into the bathroom where Carson proceeded to show him how funny it is to play in the toilet! Ick....thank goodness for extra clothes! 

This is my side of the family.

This one will definitely be framed :)

Then we headed home on Sunday and let Carson play outside for a while after the long drive, where we finally got some use out of his winter coat, hat and mittens. He looked so cute!

Cory and I ended the night by building a fire and putting up our Christmas Tree. 

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Janie said...

I LOVE that photo of the three of you. So great!
as a random - my word verification word is "hotrubi" LOL