Monday, November 22, 2010

Update - Prayers Needed

My poor little dog, Charlie has gotten worse. She has been in pain for a week now, squealing every time she moves her neck, then this morning at 5AM she started having seizures. We are so sad to see our sweet Charlie in so much pain. She is at the vet now, they were able to stop the seizures and manage her pain, and are going to do some blood work to see what is causing the seizures. If they can't figure it out, they are sending her to a neurologist. Please pray that she gets better soon.

Update: The blood work at her regular vet didn't show a cause for seizures. Charlie is now at the special hospital for pets and they have given her more meds to help with the seizures and swelling of her brain but she is still seizing. They think it may be meningitis or a spinal cord injury. We are going to meet with the Dr. this afternoon to discuss her options, but its not looking good.

This one was when I was pregnant with Carson, she loved resting on my baby bump. 

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