Monday, November 15, 2010

Miscellany Monday

1. Carson had his 15 month check up last week, he weighs a whopping 22 lbs! I am glad he is gaining! I can't remember his height, but I remember what is important...he grew! Then he had his shots with the flu shot added in, we go back in a month for another round of flu shots.

2. We taught Carson to stay away from things that are hot in order to protect him, and he puts his hand up and says "hot-hot" EVERYTHING he sees is "hot-hot" ....this is definitely his favorite phrase right now. He has also found the joy of coloring, my mom had a good idea..she taped the paper to his high chair tray and let him go to town...he loved it!

3. I bought Carson a winter coat for daycare for $6 at Kid to that place. I am also going to get him a nice peacoat, but I wanted to send him to daycare with something that I didn't mind getting dirty.

4. Cory is on a hunting trip with my Dad in Nebraska, he killed an 8 point Whitetail yesterday and is SO proud. I am pretty sure he wants to decorate our living room with this deer :(

Look at my sexy outdoors-man!!!!!! :)

5. Mom has been visiting since Cory is out of town, and as usual we did some shopping. I helped her pick out some of Carson's Christmas gifts and he is getting some cute stuff (mostly stuff from Kohl's..I love that place)! I also bought my Christmas cards at Steinmart for $20; they are so pretty!

6. My poor doggie, Charlie is injured. She started squealing of pain when she would jump off of the couch and bed, and kept arching her back, and having weird asthma attacks and shivering on Saturday, so I let her rest Saturday night, then she seemed to be fine on Sunday but then she started up again with the squealing Sunday night, so I took her to an emergency vet clinic. They said she has hurt her upper back/neck...could be a herniated disk or something. So they gave her some meds and ordered her to rest. I hope she gets better soon, she is so pitiful.

7. I have a dear friend going through a very rough time right now who could use your prayers.

8. We have family pictures on Saturday, I hope to get some good ones! I am finally using a Picture People gift card that Carson got for his birthday.

9. I had an awesome time with Jessica and Janie and their beautiful girls on Saturday. We had a little playdate for the kids filled with yummy treats and great company, can't wait to do it again ladies, thank you for coming!

10. I watched a few episodes of the MTV show "Teen Mom" yesterday...and wow...just wow. I feel so bad for some of those babies....especially Amber's daughter, Leah.



Ilah weights more than Carson - how funny! She's our little chunk! 24 pounds at her 9 month appt! 97 percentile for weight, and height...something tells me that with all this walking she's doing now, her weight won't be increasing since she will be burning off her little bit of calories ; )

Your mom had a great idea about taping the paper down to the highchair tray!

Kid to Kid...never heard of it. Where's it at?

Cory and that deer...WHOAH!!

Little Charlie...oh no : ( Poor pup. I hope he's on the mend soon!

Teen Mom....that show pulls at my heart strings for so many reasons.

Had a great time on Saturday Kimberly! Thanks for having me and Ilah over. You and Carson are just so sweet - we look forward to growing in friendship with you guys! : )

Anonymous said...

Carson looks so grown up in his high chair! You and I need to go hit up Kid to Kid and Kids Go Green with our (after) Christmas money. I'm going to buy a few Fisher Price things for Sonali. Hope Charlie feels better soon...nothing worse than trying to put a dog on "rest".