Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Carson is 15 Months!

Yesterday, Carson turned 15 months old :) What has he been up to lately?
  • His favorite word now is "NO!" soooo, Mama and Daddy can't tell him no anymore b/c he scolds us back and says "no no!" too, and we end up laughing, so we just say "ehh ehh" and redirect A LOT. He is constantly testing us and seeing what he can get away with. He likes to tell the dogs "no no!" and it is so funny!
  • He dressed up as a Dinosaur for his 2nd Halloween.
  • Sizes: in clothes 12-18 months, diapers are size 4, weighs about 21 lbs, and size 4 shoe.
  • Loves to show us his belly button, nose and eyes.
  • Will pretty much eat anything.
  • He has 6 teeth (4 bottom front, 1 top front, and 1 top molar, and one more top front tooth about to break through....that one is taking forever!
  • He is obsessed with doggies, he wakes up saying "woof woof" and "doggie".
  • His vocabulary grows and grows...lets see if I can name some words he says: Doggie, Duckie, Thank you, mama, Daddy, Nana (my mom), and nana (banana), Papa (my Dad), Eat, No, Bite, outside, baby, bubba, bubble, passy, cookie, keys, all done, ball, football, tree, car, bye-bye, juice, hot-hot and he says a lot of animal sounds. He also sings a song called "clean up" that he learned at daycare.
  • He loves to read books, I can tell him to go get a book and he goes to his room and brings us books to read to him. His favorites are ones about doggies, go figure.
  • He loves to help clean up his toys, put his toothbrush back in the holder, turn the lights on and off, and close doors and cabinets for us. 
  • He loves to kick and throw balls.
  • He blows kisses and loves to wave bye-bye.
  • He loves to play in his crib, and for us to leave the room and come back in to "scare" him. 
  • His favorite song is "How much is that doggie in the window?"
  • He loves his milk, he has it when he wakes up and before bed, and when I hand him his milk he hands me his passy to hold for him.
  • He loves playing in the bath, after he is all clean, he gets to lift the drain and play in the tub without water, I think this is the highlight of his day..little weirdo. He slides around, puts the drain in and out of the hole, and like to put his ear on the tub floor to listen...listen to what? I have no idea!
  • We rock him to sleep every night, I love this snuggle time, and then he sleeps in his crib until about 6AM, then snuggles with us until about 8AM.
  • He loves to play jokes on us, for example when he seems to be finished eating, we will say "all done?" and he says "all done" and holds his hands up, when we try to lift the tray he says "no no" and grabs his cup and food, this goes on several times until we finally stop laughing and get down to business. 
  • He loves to be chased by Daddy and he runs to Mama to protect him. :)
  • His favorite toys are his Thomas trains, he has a big one to ride, and a little one too. Also he is obsessed with balls! 
  • His favorite shows are Dinosaur Train, Super Why, and Thomas. 
  • He loves to dance.
  • He is such a sweet and funny little boy and I love him so much!

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