Monday, November 29, 2010

Miscellany Monday

1. We had a great week/weekend celebrating Thanksgiving with our families in AL. It really helped to be around people we love, and to be busy.

2. We put our Christmas tree up last night and it looks wonderful. Carson was very into helping us, I can't wait to see him on Christmas morning.

3. We got a dose of the terrible 2's on Saturday with Carson, for some reason he was in a terrible mood from about 4pm until bedtime, we still don't really know why, we were puzzled b/c he had 2 great naps that day. We thought maybe he was getting sick, teething, exhausted, or just had been away from home too long and had enough of family gathering busy-ness....who knows, he was a perfect angel on Sunday, he slept more than 1/2 of the way home and barely fussed when he was awake. I am leaning toward exhaustion and being away from home too long, b/c he slept in his crib from 7:30PM until 6AM and didn't move an inch or make a peep.

4. We still miss Charlie terribly and I'm sure we will for some time, she wasn't just a dog, she was a family member. It was good for us to leave our house for a few days, b/c the house is full of reminders that she is gone...her medicine, food bowl, leash, and the hospital sent us a card with her paw print on it..that was so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. We even have a Christmas ornament with her picture on it.

I hope to post my pictures from AL later today.

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Kimberly, I'm glad that you got away for a few days. I hope it was refreshing and that you and your families all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

Ilah has been VERY fussy that past few days too...especially on Saturday. I definitely think it's teething : / I gave her some teething tablets one night when she woke up in the middle of the night and 5 minutes later, they seemed to work and she fell right back to sleep. The next day...she was just as cranky...I gave her the teething tablets and again, her mood changed.

Hope you have a great day!...stay warm in this chilly weather! : )