Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Many updates!

Time is really flying, it has been a very busy week at our house. Last week my husband changed jobs, we are changing insurance, and we bought a new vehicle! At my Dr. apt today, she asked how I was feeling and I said fine as usual, I also said that the pregnancy was the least of my drama these days! :) While we have had some significant changes over the past week, I believe these are good changes and we will all be much happier.

Dr. Apt Stats:
  • Colin's heart rate was in the 150's
  • I measured at 33 weeks, right on track (I will be 34 weeks tomorrow)
  • I only gained a pound these past 2 weeks since my last visit, so that totals it to +27
  • Today Colin was head down, and I am hoping he stays that way!
  • Everything else checked out great, and I will go back on July 20th

Other than just exhaustion at the end of the day, I really can't complain. Cory even mentioned to me the other day how relaxed I am with this pregnancy. I explained how the 1st pregnancy is very hard b/c so many changes are occurring and you don't know what to expect, its just a whirlwhind. This one is more like "been there, done that". After I gave birth to Carson, I loved having him here but I also missed being pregnant and I swore I would never take it for granted again. And I know that if this is not my last pregnancy, it will be at least 3 or 4 years before we have another one. There is no way I can pay for 3 daycare tuitions!

As for other symptoms:
  • I haven't had any swelling yet on my ankles, I can tell a slight difference in my fingers, b/c I can wear my wedding rings, but they are not very comfy like usual, so I went ahead and put them away. I have always liked my rings a little loose.
  • I do have to pee often, but that's just part of the game.
  • Turning over in bed is difficult, but I sleep pretty well.
  • I have a few Braxton Hicks every now and then.
Other preggo news:
  • I am trying not to lift Carson as much so I can avoid any pulled muscles or back injuries, etc...but when he looks at me with his hands up and says "Mommy picky up" I just can't resist. More on Carson below.
  • The strangers are really starting to comment, its hard to be the "bigger person" and not tell them how rude their comments are.
  • I am getting nervous about the labor and delivery..simply b/c I have not done that part before, Carson's birth was a planned C-section.

Here I am at almost 34 weeks:

Adorable just doesn't do his personality justice!

He turned 23 months a few days ago! I can't wait for his little party. He needed some new sandals so I ordered him some squeaky ones, he is gonna be so excited! And his little outfit has a yellow bus on it :)

  • Carson is talking so well, I am amazed every day at the sentences he can put together. Our dog, Haley, stole one of his stuffed dogs, and he told her "no, no Haley" and then later looked at us with a very serious face and said "that not Haley's dog" 
  • He still eats great and sleeps well in his todder bed (knock on wood).
  • He loves having visitors, Nana is visiting now. He gets so excited to show people his room and toys.
  • He still loves birds and other animals that he can see from our windows, we saw a rabbit near the woods and he still talks about it. He will sit in front of the window and watch the birds eat at the bird feeder and he says "Don't fall bird"
  • He watched a parade on the 4th and is still talking about how the "choo choo trains went bye-bye" (they had old steam engines, etc... in this parade)
  • He is a little bossy :) He will take my hand and say "walk, walk" then lead me to his room and say "Mommy sit down" so we can play is his room. 
  • He can say his name much better, it went from "Carkin" to "Cossin"
  • Every morning when we brush his hair and teeth, he likes to "put on his cologne" and he makes the spray noise, it is hilarious to watch. After we brush his teeth, we brush his tongue and he laughs - I guess it tickles.
  • He adores watching toddler songs/videos on you tube, he likes to pick the videos out himself. His favorites are twinkle twinkle, wheels on the bus, and if you're happy and you know it.
  • He discovered what money is, he found a quarter and dime the other day and would not part with it for a while, I was very nervous the entire time, but it was so cute hearing him say the word money. We might need to get him a piggy bank, I think he would enjoy putting coins in it. There is a baseball piggy bank at hobby lobby that I am considering getting for him.
  • He can put his crocks on all by himself.
  • His favorite books at the moment are the ones about dogs and another about dinosaurs, I love the way he says dinosaur, sound like "dine-a-saw"
  • He knows many of his letters and all of the basic colors.
  • He will now tell us he loves us w/ out us asking him to, talk about your heart melting when you hear "I wud you Mama"
  • I wish I could remember all the cute and sweet things he does, he brings so much joy to our lives.
Our Saturday consisted of shopping for Daddy a new truck, Carson was a trooper all day, he had to nap in the car and I was so glad we had this little pillow for him, he looked so cute.

We went to the park on Sunday, but it was just too hot to stay for more than an hour!

Reaching for a balloon, the kid loves balloons!

Then on July 4th we went to the local parade, Carson loved it! He was a little scared of the loud steam engines at first but he got used to it.

Eating breakfast at the parade:

Holding his ears, his earplugs would not stay in.

They handed out flags during the parade, and I was hit by Carson's flag in the face a few times :) He got a little excited.

Hope everyone had a great Holiday!


Rebecca said...

I am so glad this week has gone smoothly with all the changes! And I hope Cory is liking his new job! Love Carson's tshirt...on the 4th!

Suzy said...

Aww, Carson is just too cute for words!

As far as the labor and delivery...GET THE EPIDURAL! I too had those very same fears but once it was all said and done I don't even remember feeling any pain once I saw and heard my baby boy! In fact, it was really easy and just think, your recovery time will be that much faster!

Ashley said...

where'd you get carson's pillow?! I've been looking for one for my son!