Thursday, July 21, 2011

Colin's Room

Everything is done in the "baby room" as we call it, with the exception of a wall hanging that my mom is making for me to go above the crib (to match the bedding). I originally thought the room would be an owl theme, but I decided to keep it simple and frankly I thought a lot of owl stuff would be scary to Colin when he got a little older. Something about the big eyes...not sure...

So the only owl thing is the bedding and the rest is just stuff I liked and thought would look nice. I just wanted a calm/ relaxing theme, and I love sitting in there in my glider already :) I actually was able to use a lot of things from Carson's room since we are making his room more of a play room. Carson now showers with one of us each night, and I dress him and do diaper changes on our bed, so I just cleaned out a couple of drawers in my dresser for him until Cory gets his dresser made.

  • I love gingham patterns for babies, the valance and the ribbon for the letters are gingham, I just picked colors that matched the bedding. 
  • I got a decal from etsy for above the changing table.
  • Everything else was migrated over from Carson's room.

This cradle was given to me by a good friend, it will go in our room when Colin arrives and serve as the bassinet.

I loved going through Carson's baby clothes, I can't wait to have a baby that tiny again! All of the newborn clothes, blankets, burp cloths, bibs, towels and rags are nice and clean and put away!

Other preggo news....

  • Had a check up yesterday and everything looks good, will go back in one week and continue going weekly.
  • Heart rate was 140's.
  • Belly measured at 35cm.
  • Weight gain is +3 lbs since last apt, so I think that totals it to 30 lbs.
  • Colin is still head down (fingers crossed)
  • I am hoping my MIL has finished the diaper bag that she is making for Colin and can bring it this weekend so I can show it off! And take it to the hospital (I had no idea how much baby stuff they send you home with last time!)
  • I am so scatterbrained lately, July is such a busy month and that doesn't help this preggo brain.
  • I bought a few things for my hospital bag so I can get started packing in a week or so.
  • All we need to do for Colin now is get the carseat and swing down from the attic (wtg on hubby for this - he thinks we have all the time in the world!)
  • Have a haircut scheduled and hopefully can do some DIY maternity pics next week.
  • I picked up my hospital forms today!


Lindsey :) said...

LOVE his room! Especially the adorable bedding!!

Janie said...

So precious! I love love love it!

Hollyhand House said...

Love it!!