Tuesday, July 12, 2011

July 12th

Today is mine and Cory's Anniversary, we have been married for 3 years! What an amazing day that was! I had so much fun looking through our wedding pictures! 

 We had a short and sweet ceremony at my home church in AL...

The reception was held at the local country club, where I worked for a few years...

The day went by so fast, but what I remember was how good my man looked in his suit, how yummy the food was, and how much FUN I had at our reception!

Oh yeah, I also remember how HOT is was!

Cory loves golf, so it was quite fitting to have the reception on a golf course...

I knew I wanted a major dance party at the reception, we had such a good time and by the end of the night my hair was in a pony tail and we were all covered in sweat!

And we lived happily everafter! 


We went to Jamaica for our honeymoon, and it was nothing short of spectacular! I would give anything to be back at that resort!

Happy Anniversary Cory, I love you so much!


Hollyhand House said...

Happy Anniversary!!!

Courtney Long said...

happy anniversary. love that one picture of mrs. zelda dancing!