Monday, July 18, 2011

35 Weeks

Where did the time go? It is weird to think I will be a mother of 2 in a matter of weeks. I am SO looking forward to maternity leave and spending time with my babies and family.
  • I am not sure of weight gain (have a Dr. Apt on Wednesday, the 20th, will see then). Its insane that I will be going every week after this apt. 
  • Heartburn/Reflux has gottten really bad during the middle of the night, I am have been drinking a ton of milk to try and help relieve it but as soon as I wake up to pee again, its back. I am going to ask what else I can do for that at my next apt. 
  • I am feeling lots of pressure when I stand up in the lower regions, its hard to walk around or stand for a long time. We took Carson to the Aquarium and after all that walking I swear I felt the baby drop!
  • Carson doesn't understand why he barely can fit in my lap when I sit in Indian Style, he keeps trying to back up against my belly, so I just have to sit him on one side, or sit him in the floor between my legs.
  • Turning over in bed and getting out of bed are super fun tasks, Cory just laughs at all of my grunting.
  • My ankles are starting to swell a little.
  • The exhaustion at the end of the day is tough, I used to have a "sweet snack" after Carson went to bed, but now I am even too tired for that. I also get a big rush of exhaustion after lunch, I feel like I have been hit by a truck or something, but all I want to do is go home and take a nap..not an option :(
  • Baby's movement hasn't really slowed down, not much room in there anymore, his hiccups always seem to come when I want to sleep.
  • I need to get registered for the hospital! And in a couple of weeks get packed.
  • It is really hard getting Carson in and out of his car seat every day since my car is so low, speaking of carseats, after Carson's birthday party we will be getting the 2 bases and Colin's car seat cleaned and installed. WOW.
  • I get a lot of comments from strangers everywhere I go, people ask the same things, how much longer? And what am I having? Then they follow with their comments and opinions...that part I can live without.
  • When I was pregnant with Carson, my friend took some pictures of me behind our work building (beautiful scenery), they turned out really good, I am hoping to get the same pose in the same spot for this pregnancy as well.  
  • I can't wait to hold Colin and see what he looks like!


Rebecca said...

I am so proud of you going to the Aquarium!!! I don't think I could! I bet Carson just loved it! Can't wait to see yall this weekend!!!!

Suzy said...

Hang in there Mommma - you are in the home stretch! I can't believe you have already hit the 35 week mark...that went fast! I love the bump!! Too cute!