Sunday, June 5, 2011

My baby...22 months old

Oh Carson...what did we do before you? You are so hilarious and are constantly cracking us up.

At 22 months Carson...
  • loves to sing along to his toddler music, it is the sweetest thing I have ever seen
  • is obsessed with balls and cups
  • really started to get into "playing pretend", his favorite pretend thing is cooking
  • imitates faces that we make
  • loves to take showers
  • only has passy when its time to sleep, I thought this would be much harder than it actually is
  • sits (I should say stands) in a regular chair at dinner time and puts on a show for us while we all eat
  • loves when the dogs give him kisses, he laughs and yells "a kiss!"
  • can speak in sentences, he says a new one each day; everyone is always commenting on how smart he is...makes me so proud
  • minds his manners: when he burps he says "cue me" and when we leave a drive through he says "thank you, bye-bye!"; and when we sneeze he says bless you or achoooo!
  • loves to eat "see-roll" (cereal) for breakfast, I don't mind b/c its easier on me!
  • when he sees me use hairspray or perfume, he wants me to put some on him, so I pretend to and attempt to make the "spray noise"...he believes me..for now. He also likes to pretend to put on deodorant. 
  • He says shooo-weee when we take his diaper or shoes off.
  • is learning Spanish at school, he says awa (aqua) and olo (hola), I think he kind of mixes English and Spanish together :)

This is him "cooking"...... in the new dog bed.

Showing me his teeth.

I went shopping for Colin the other day and found nothing...but I spotted this stuffed Barney that played the "I love you" song and couldn't resist getting it for Carson, he loves it. He sings along with it.

Loving on Barney...

And...he had a big 1st this weekend.....he is sleeping in a toddler bed! We are just doing a trial run to see how it goes.


Hollyhand House said...

He is so smart! I just love watching as they learn new things!! Yay for the toddler bed! I think we decided to attempt with AR in a couple of months just to see and we can always switch it back if she isnt ready.

Caroline said...

I love the "cute shoes"!!

Anonymous said...

wow a toddler bed? He is getting so big and all grown up! It happens too fast!