Wednesday, June 1, 2011

29 weeks and our Memorial Day Vacation

  • I really hate Murphy's law right about now! Last week I stated that I wasn't experiencing very many leg cramps or carpel tunnel symptoms. But since then I have been having more leg cramps (more often and more intense) and my hands have been falling asleep more often while I am sleeping, so annoying. 
  • This kid prefers the left side..a few times during each day there is a big knot right beside my left rib and Cory and I play the head or butt game like we did with Carson (basically just try to figure out if its the head or butt...duh)
  • I can not get enough chocolate these days! Over the weekend I was specifically craving babe ruth and snickers ice cream bars. I think its b/c we were at the pool for 4 days and when I was a lifeguard I would eat candy bars on my break :) Good times, have to give a shout out to my friend Cyndee, those were some good summers weren't they Cyn!
  • I haven't done much in the way of preparation, but we still have some time, I just want everything done by 36 weeks that way I can focus on Carson's birthday party and my friend's baby shower. And then attempt to relax in this heat until Colin arrives. I plan on many pedicures from 37-42 weeks. I don't think I will see a pedi for a long time after Colin arrives, daycare ain't cheap, and now that bill will double for us!

On to our "vacation"...we won't be going to the beach or anything like that this summer, since we need to save some vacation days for Colin so we made the best of a 4 day visit to Grandparents' pools in AL. We had so much fun since Carson loves the water and we had some time to relax now that Carson remembers his Grandparents, we get to sleep in and let them take care of him.

The water was pretty cold and I was worried he wouldn't want to play in it, but once he got used to it he had a blast playing with balls and cups on the stairs. He loved throwing his balls into the water and then "swimming" to go get them. He would say "kick, kick, kick" while we would help him swim. He also learned not to run beside the pool, he kept saying "walk slow, walk slow" it was so funny.

He wasn't a huge fan of floats or swimmies. He kicked around the swimmies like they were footballs! Typical Carson.

This is what he called "big jump" where Cory would let him "jump" off of the diving board. He loved watching Cory do cannonballs and getting splashed! I have never heard him laugh so hard!

He LOVED the slide, pretty sure this was his favorite thing. It made me super nervous at first, but Cory was tall enough to keep Carson above the water when they hit the water. Carson kept saying "more slide, more slide"

Then while we were at my in-laws house, my MIL dressed Carson up in a 33 year old outfit (cap, overalls and boots that all of her children and grandchildren have been photographed in) and we did a little photoshoot. We got some really good ones. Carson is so hard to photograph these days. He will rarely look at the camera. If I had a penny for every picture of the side of his face I would be rich!

We ended our trip by visiting my new nephew, Crewe. He is SO tiny and as I predicted, this made me very ancy to have MY tiny baby here soon! Carson was jealous, but not too bad. We will see how he does in August!

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Cyndee said...

Thanks for my "shout out" Kimber... Those were some good times! Miss You!