Monday, June 13, 2011

30 weeks!

I am little late getting this post up....things are crazy right now, work is very overwhelming and I feel like my house is never clean; these days I just make sure my kid is clean and fed and I am doing good!

  • My last check up was a week ago and everything looked good. Next apt is Monday the 20th.
  • I passed the glucose test, thank God!
  • The baby gets the hiccups quite often, just like Carson did.
  • I am SO exhausted by the end of the day.
  • I feel like I have to pee all the time, especially when standing, just so much pressure on the bladder.
  • We put the crib together in Colin's room now that Carson sleeps in his toddler bed. Carson enjoyed helping Daddy "fix" the crib. I don't know what it is about moving furniture, but Carson loves it when we do this, he screams out of excitement and hops funny. He now knows that Colin's room is the "baby's room".
  • Although I look and feel huge, my weight gain is only +23, I think this will increase greatly when the swelling begins. Oh how I dread the have no idea how much I hate that part.
  • Still able to wear my wedding rings, but I am sure that will pass soon too. Last pregnancy, when my rings got too small, I went and bought a fake big bling ring, I'll probably do that for fun again...I feel so naked without a ring on my left finger. Last time I did that, all my friends thought I got an "upgrade"...but I could never part with MY rings...I love them so much. I still get compliments on them from strangers all the time...mostly from men...odd.
  • There is really not much left to do at this point, just getting Carson's dresser made, order my sling, get all the baby gear and clothes cleaned, buy a few small toiletry things closer to time, and we are all set! Oh yeah, we need to register at the hospital and take a tour...I keep forgetting this.
  • When I get closer to the end I will get the bedding washed and put in, then post some pics of the nursery.
  • I have been thinking a lot about the delivery lately and just like with everything else in the pregnancy, I am much more relaxed and ok with whatever. My "birth plan" is very similar to Carson's: wait to go into labor spontaneously, stay home as long as possible so I can eat/drink, relax in the bath and keep moving if I choose to; avoid IV narcotics, if I need the epidural I am ok with that, and I want this birth captured on VIDEO. Yes, you read that correctly. The only trick is finding that person (I don't want Cory worried about the camera) who I am comfortable enough with to video it for me, and keeping the staff from knowing we are videoing (most hospitals prohibit this b/c they are terrified of being sued). I have completely changed my outlook on the way I view birth and to me it is very sacred, so I am really hoping I can achieve this. My sons will never see this, it is really just for me to remember those divine moments of giving birth. I just really hope I don't have to have surgery this time, I just want to have an active role in the birth of my baby.
Here is the belly update, and these days my hair is usually on top of my head. :) 

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Courtney said...

Great update :)! Glad everything is going so well with you and baby! I'm going to try to post an update soon. I definitely know what you mean about wanting a video...I'm hoping my doula can video it for me...hopefully no one will notice :). My hospital will allow video immediately after delivery so she might just have to start recording then. Your birth plan sounds great :)! I will probably be doing some birth type posts in the near future too with my birth plan and what I'm packing in my labor bag etc. Can't believe we are almost there!