Monday, June 20, 2011

Fathers' Day 2011 and Carson's new room!

For Fathers' Day this year we took Da-Da to a Gwinnett Braves game, we love the Atlanta Braves, Cory is a huge fan (he watches nearly every game, Carson as well). But, I wanted to see how Carson would do before we spent a lot of money on ATL Braves tickets. We went Saturday night, I don't think I could have handled the heat at a Sunday 1pm game! It stormed right before the game, so there was a delay, but the weather was quite pleasant when everything got started. The food was to die for, and Carson was very excited to see "beeseball". He did really well staying in one spot for a long time and he loved watching all the life-size Warner Bros. characters walking around. He was obsessed with the foul balls that went "gone-gone", and he kept clapping and saying "YAY Beeseball! Go Braves!" So sweet..........It was definitely a success, and we will definitely have to take Carson to Turner Field in the future.

He called Tweetie Bird "Big Tweetie"

He looks so cute in his Braves shirt:

Just having a good time...

Headed home, he made it until 10:30pm, 7th inning....and still walked the entire way to the car! He was a trooper, and such a big boy.

Speaking of baseball....we changed up Carson's room to make it a little more like a big boy room. He loves balls, so he was beyond excited when he saw the updates to his room. He still shows us the balls everywhere when we go into his room to get him in the morning. He is doing good sleeping in his toddler bed, knock on wood :) 

 Here's the view from the door:

A close-up of the sports fan and his bed, he loves those ball pillows:

He had fun helping me put those decals on the wall: 

I just stuck with a regular fleece baby blanket for now, he is pretty hot-natured and doesn't like covers a ton:


Since we moved the crib and changing table to Colin's room, we now have room for his bean-bag in here, Carson loves all of this space, he just hops around constantly...

He looks like he's 5 in this pic :(

He is so proud of his new room, he loves playing in there:

I changed his light switch cover:

And got him a new night light:

Now he has a big boy room!


Hollyhand House said...

So cute! He does look so big!! Can't believe he will be 2 soon!

Anonymous said...

LOVE his new room! yay Carson!

Caroline said...

He needs to come see cousin Andrew play ball : )