Monday, June 20, 2011

31 Weeks

Wow...this baby will be here before we know it!

Signs that the end is near.....
  • My rings no longer fit comfortably 
  • My shoes feel a bit tight 
  • Pretty sure I will need a belly band in a couple of weeks, my belly feels so heavy already, I feel like I need to hold it with my hands to be comfortable.
Other pregnancy news....
  • Some nights I sleep well, and other nights I am awake every hour trying to get comfy
  • My lower back muscles are starting to get achy from time to time - I am trying not to pick up Carson as much, but that is so hard for me :(
  • No cravings really...just love having sweets around; I did love all the "ballgame food" we had this weekend - hot dog, nachos, funnel cake....YUM (need to get my pics uploaded for the Fathers' Day post)! My little family is in for a rude awakening after this baby is order to "be good" and eat right, I just can't have any temptation in the house :)
  • At my check up today everything looked good, heart rate was 138. I go back July 6th.
  • I was telling Cory that this baby hardly ever sleeps anymore...he is constantly moving!
  • Weight gain is +26, Baby Center mentioned a growth spurt coming, so here we go! I remember toward the end with Carson I just quit keeping track b/c it was so depressing gaining so much weight so fast! This time, I really don't care, I know that most of the weight will come off, my body will NEVER look the same and I am ok with that, there are worse things in life than not having a perfect body. My babies are worth it!
  • I cannot wait to get some final items checked off my list, and then get the nursery "set up" and take pictures...this is such an exciting part! 
  • Carson loves playing in the "baby room" he loves to look out the window at the birds, etc...and then we sit in the glider and he jumps to me from the foot rest, not sure how long I will be able to keep that up! I swear that kid is always on the look out for a place to jump. He also enjoys throwing balls in the crib for me to fetch.
  • Must get registered at hospital! As long as I get this done by 36 weeks we should be fine, I will probably go during lunch one day and then just poke around instead of taking a formal tour - they only offer the tour at 4pm on weekdays and that just doesn't work for us at all. 

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KIMI said...

Happy 31 weeks! I have to admit that I am a little jealous of the sweets and "ballpark food"! Sounds yummy, but definitely not on my diabetic diet:(