Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Not Fair

It is not fair for a sweet little baby to be so sick. This is the first chance I have had to blog in a while.

After Thanksgiving Carson started to get congested. We thought is was another cold. Wrong. After he gagged and choked on his mucous a couple of times and it was all we could do to calm him down, we checked his temp (100.3) and then called the ped. Of course the ped on-call was one that I am not fond of. He told me it was just a cold to continue saline and suction, and to hold off on the tylenol to see what the fever would do. In the middle of the night the fever went up to 101.8, so I called again, and he never called me back. We got Carson to sleep so I didn't call back. Since Saturday afternoon Carson couldn't be put down b/c he felt so bad and he also has been sleeping with us.

Sunday morning I called back and this new Dr. on call told me to take him to the ER based on some breathing questions she asked me. We got to Children's and were seen right away. They diagnosed him with bronchilitus, a type of RSV. They did no chest X-ray, did no breathing treatment...just checked his breathing, checked his urine, and gave him pedialyte and tylenol. They instructed us to keep giving him fluids and continue with suction and saline. So we did.

Sunday night, we took him to the nearest ER (not childrens, which was a big mistake), b/c his fever climbed to 103.8. It took about an hour for him to be seen, then we stayed there for a total of 3 hours. They seemed a little unsure of why we brought him in, but I can't sit back and watch my baby have a fever that high, sorry, I will pay the $200 for them to tell me he is ok. They did chest X-rays to make us feel better, gave him more tylenol, checked his oxygen levels which were 99% and told us that high fever was part of this virus. So far...we had paid $250 total to be told to do what we have been doing since the beginning- tylenol, saline, and suction. UGHH.

Mom, Cory and I stayed home with him on Monday because he was so pitiful. He had to be held at all times. And it takes 2 people to get the suction done. He also was refusing his bottle so we had to feed him with the tylenol dropper to get fluids in to prevent dehydration. By this time he was also having runny diapers due to all the mucous he was swallowing, and he had no voice, his cries were whispers. So sad. He was up and down on Monday, and I thought he would be better for sure today, but still no change. His cough has gotten worse and he was still having a low-grade fever. So I made him and apt at his ped., to get gim checked out again and to see if we could get a nebulizer. And sure enough, this Dr. (whom I love) said he was wheezing and needed treatments via nebulizer. She also discovered that both ears are infected, so he is now on antibiotics for that. SO NOW I am hoping that the worst is finally behind us and that the new treatment and meds will help him.

Please pray for my little guy, no baby should have to feel this bad.


crystal.hollyhand said...

I am so sorry Carson has been sick! I am saying a prayer for him and yall now!! Hope he gets better soon!

Janie said...

Oh I am so sorry for you guys. It broke my heart just reading your post. Don't you just get infuriated with doctors sometimes? Especially when you feel like they aren't being thorough and there's nothing you can do about it. I'll be thinking about you and hope Carson starts feeling better soon!