Tuesday, December 15, 2009


We have been very busy this past week, getting shopping done and getting over our colds. Carson has his 4 month check up today, and I have a TON of questions for the ped. The most important is FOOD. Carson was eating every 4-5 hours, 6 oz. Now he wants to eat every 3 hours again (7 oz, w/ cereal added in) - growth spurt I guess. We have been practicing spoon feeding some banana flavored cereal and he is getter a little better at it. But I noticed a slight rash that looked like excema in a few places, so I am thinking maybe a little allergy, I read that some foods have allergens that can cause slight excema. This baby is ever-changing, everytime we figure him out, he changes.

I ordered Christmas cards today that will feature this picture, he did so good smiling for me. Between being so busy and sick, we didn't get a photo with Santa, and we haven't had any pro pics made, so I just took some myself and it will have to do for this year. But my New Years' resolution for 2010 is to have professional family photos taken.

Speaking of Santa photos, I was so dissapointed when I saw the lines in every place we went, I just couldn't put my family through that. So my new plan for Santa pics is to order Cory a Santa suit and have him dress up every year by the tree with our kids. I even thought maybe Becca and Zach could bring Zoe Jane and their future children over when "Santa" came to visit Carson. We will see. I think this would be a fun tradition (Becca - I forgot to mention this over the phone but let me know what you think, this way we won't have to deal with the awful lines!).
I am looking at yet another busy week. Carson's Dr. Apt is today, I have a work party Thursday night - then I come home to make cookies for the Daycare Teachers, then we pack, and Friday after work we are off to Alabama for the weekend to do the family Christmas tour.
Hope everyone is enjoying the Holiday Season!


Living4Him said...

I Love the pictures:) and, I think the Santa thing is a good idea. We got really luck and got excellent pic with the santa at Bass Pro Shop in Atlanta. At my kids age, have a "real" looking Santa is important and they have great scenery for the photos. We only waited like 3 minutes, and the photo was free!

Anyhoo, hope you guys have a blessed first Christmas as a family of three!


Rebecca said...

Hahaha.....I think I need to bring Cory some extra Chocolate throughout the year to fatten him up! Maybe next year you should take a mental health day from work and we can have a Christmas shopping day and get pictures with Santa and shop all day and get Starbucks and lunch! That would be fun!

Crystal said...

I went to see santa with the girls at 8:00 pm. It was perfect, only one person ahead of us. You should let me take your family photos this spring. I do a really good job, and I'm alot cheaper! Also, can you email me your address? I've lost it somehow!

Love ya,