Monday, December 21, 2009

Update on Cory

We were able to see a Doctor today who put him on stronger antibiotics (the antibiotic that Bibb Medical prescribed wasn't strong enough to help his allergic reaction), she also took some blood for testing, put him on steroids and examined the bite. She said the absess wasn't very big yet, she got us an apt tomorrow morning with a specialist to do an ultrasound on the bite area to see just how bad the necrosis is (which could also be ocurring under the skin, not just on top), and from there determine if the bite site needs to be lanced/cut and drained. I was taking comfort in the fact the the bite wasn't changing very much during the first 48 hours, but it has gotten worse since this morning. She did confirm that what bit him was a brown recluse (we still have it in a bag) and that it was a female - and female bites are worse than male bites. Please continue to pray for him, there will be a painful, long healing process if the necrosis gets really bad and it takes a while to know what the damage will be.

I hate that this is happening to him, he is such a sweet, selfless person and doesn't deserve this, why do bad things happen to such good people? I wish it was me.

We were talking earlier today that we wished we could be sick for Carson when he was sick, and I said maybe this is Cory being sick for Carson. We believe that the spider came from a pack n play that we used at his parents' house. It had been sitting in his brother's garage, not sure how long. When we opened the bag to set up the pack n play, we did kill one regular spider and checked the pack n play for others. We think the recluse was still in the bag and came out later, or we didn't see him when we got the pack n play out. However, this spider was in the same room as Carson for about 30 min or an hour. The spider came from the bed onto Cory. I had been changing Carson's diapers on that bed all night, and we sometimes put Carson in the bed with us, what if we had laid him down near or on top of that spider....that bite would have been fatal for a baby. So we are so thankful that it was not Carson who was bitten, it is so scary to think that it could have been Carson.


Kartik said...

Let me and Janie know if you need any help we there for you guys.

Kartik and Janie

Candace said...

I'm catching up on my blog reading, and oh my!!! Prayers for your family.

Merry Christmas!