Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Weight Loss and daycare

I am getting into a better routine with exercise, I walked 3 times last week, once this week and today I tried a workout DVD that I bought. Its the Biggest loser cardio workout, it was pretty tough mainly b/c I haven't done anything like that since college. My only criticism is that the music is boring and you can barely hear it. Hoping to add a yoga and a kickboxing DVD to the collection. I get bored easily to I have to mix it up in order to stick with exercising for good.

My goal for now is to do some type of workout 3 times each week. As for diet: yeah right! With a baby in the house, I eat whatever I can whenever I can. For example today I had chocolate milk around 12pm, then a frozen burrito around 2pm. Some days babies just need more attention and you don't have time for yourself. I am down to 5 pounds within pre-preggo weight, but my belly is still really loose....if there is anyone out there who gained A LOT of weight (I am talking 40+ lbs) and can tell me when the skin tightens back up, or does it? God I hope it does b/c I can now fit into some of my jeans, but the flabby belly looks so terrible hanging over, I just can't be comfortable wearing them.

I watched a few episodes of Baby Story today and it made me so sad, b/c my maternity leave is coming to an end and I won't get to see my baby as much. I hope the first few weeks fly by.

I also don't know how I am going to make all of this work when I start working again. I don't want to hear that the chores can wait; when you have a baby in daycare, bottles MUST be washed and diaper bag MUST be packed, baby HAS to have a bath, we both MUST have clean work clothes, so no...some things can not wait. I have a feeling my inner nag will come out soon.

I began the prep for daycare yesterday. I am gonna take him twice a week over the next couple of weeks to get him use to it. I bought a box of diapers and wipes and put his name on them. I also had to label his bottles (Mable's Labels...awesome). It is so bittersweet....this working mom thing. I would love to stay home forever with Carson. But at the same time, I have found out just how valuable I am at work which helps make me want to go back. I want to be successful and contribute to the family income, I want fabulous clothes and shoes, I want to travel, go out for expensive dinners and not worry about it, keep adding to my wishlist at ShaneCo., ............but it makes me sick to my stomach having someone else take care of my baby all day, seeing his milestones before I do and telling me about them. I just try to focus on the positive outlook, we will be so much more financially comfortable w/ my income, Carson will learn to self soothe, to share with others, make many more friends, and people with SO much more experience with babies than I have will enhance his development...or at least I hope that is the case, we will see.


Candace said...

Girl - I'm with you! I love to be at home with Addison, but when I go to work, I know we can enjoy the good life. I get to buy Add all those toys and clothes when I see stuff I love. The best is knowing she doesn't have to do without because we are stretching the dollar. I also think it is so good for her social skills. She is so much friendlier than babies her age that don't do daycare.

Good luck, and it is hard going to work and leaving the baby - SO I'm praying for you.

By the way - my belly still feels gross to me, and I only gained 19 pounds. Let's face it; you're never the same again.

And they call it puppy love said...

Thanks Candace, you always make me feel better!