Saturday, October 3, 2009


This video is from a couple of weeks ago, I know some of you have seen it already, but I have been having some internet issues so I wasn't able to post until now.

Carson is doing very well; he got his shots yesterday (heartbreaking); everything else looked good and he weighed 12 pounds 5 oz. He is still waking up twice each night to feed, but sleeps well in his crib still. My mom came for a visit this week and it has been nice to share the night shift with someone. Mom bought him some good books for infants (big and simple pictures and colors) and when he is happy and alert I like to read to him. I forget to do tummy time a lot...mostly b/c he really doesn't like being on his belly, so it doesn't cross my mind enough, but I am not worried since he is doing well holding his head up so far.

Me: major set backs in the weight loss area....w/ mom visiting we have been meeting my aunt and cousin for lunch everyday and ordering pizza and eating sweets. Also now that it is football season, that means beer and fatty foods! Appetite is back in full swing! I have been walking maybe 3 times, I have to time it right for Carson b/c of heat and mosquitos, etc... and my feet have grown so EVERY pair of shoes I own (except flip flops) hurt my feet. Lots of excuses I know but every mother out there knows that you need to make things as easy as possible when there is a baby in the picture, so these are some things that get in my way.

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