Thursday, November 20, 2008

Overdue Doggie Pics

Charlie and Chase are about 1 year and 3 months old now. Since we moved into our house in June, they are free to play in the backyard all day and use up all of their energy. So when we get home in the evenings all they want to do is snuggle up and sleep. I love my sweet babies!
Here is Charlie; she loves to sunbathe :)

Chase loves the fire, you can always catch him taking a nap near it. He is the most cold- natured dog I have ever known. He likes to sleep on a heating pad and he hates going outside in the winter.

Chase also is a BIG fat baby- there is this tiny tennis ball left over from the puppies they had, and I found it while rearranging last week. Since then, he carries this ball around in his mouth everywhere, and sleeps with it in his mouth too. Its like a paci to him!

Here are some random photo opps! We love it when they turn their heads funny b/c they are listening to us, its so cute!

I love this one!

The Chaser!

Charlie girl waking up from a nap...
Then she stretches....

We puppy-sat for my friend Ali on her honeymoon, Chase just loved little Jax's bed- he kept laying on top of Jax.


Chase with his little Alien that glows in the dark :)

Charlie with her "WHOOF" bone

Here they are snoozing....


The Moore Family said...

Those are great pics of your "babies"!! They look like they are sweet little snuggle-bugs!

Living4Him said...

KIMBERLY!!! We LOVE Bostons! Our Boston's name is Beau (well really Beau-cephus)! How funny! We had anohter who's name was B.J. but he has passed.

I will post a pic on my blog! You will have to check it out. Beau is special beacuse he only has one eye!

Alison C