Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Long time no post!

Just an update, I haven't posted in a while but lately work has been really busy for me. I must admit, Barack Obama wasn't who I supported for President and I still don't agree with him on most if his issues and policies, but interestingly enough....the business I am in has grown. All of my clients are Federal, and we have seen a lot of activity lately. Since Obama wants a bigger government, that means more government projects which will need to be staffed. My company recognizes that taxes will be raised and instead of letting go employees they are hiring more people to generate more gov't business. Whewww....Another sales person over me means more $$$ in my pocket. So I guess that's my "brightside" of an Obama presidency.

Other than that, Cory and I have been doing some small updates to our house. We painted the guest bedroom and the guest bathroom; we also re-did the floor in the guest bathroom too. I will post pics soon. I hope to take my before and after shots tonight.

Hoping to put up the Christmas Tree this weekend, I love Christmas time (who doesn't) but I usually have my decor up by now....I feel SO behind!

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