Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Carson is 2 years old!

My sweet little boy has turned 2, I don't think I could possibly explain how adorable he is, but I will try!

At 2 years old:

  • Carson's favorite songs are Wheels on the bus, Bunny Foo Foo, Twinkle Twinkle, Hickory Dock, and some different versions of the ABC song (which he can mostly sing on his own)
  • His favorite foods are blueberries, mac n' cheese, cheese, yogurt, oatmeal, m&ms, spaghetti, green beans; he has been such a good little eater, we are very lucky!
  • He loves to drink chocolate milk every night and morning, then during the day he loves capri sun or any juice, and gatorade. Sometimes at dinner he gets to drink sweet tea.
  • He loves to be outside and loves to play in water (which he now calls it "wogger")

  • He speaks mainly in sentences now, and can say pretty much any word you ask. He is our little parrot! Its funny when Cory and I are having a conversation and he repeats everything we say and says our "real names". 
  • He is very generous with his hugs and "I wud you's"
  • His very favorite thing to do when we are home is play in "Cossin room", he goes straight for his little play kitchen to cook, and he pretends to make coffee, sweet tea, and soup. He also likes to put his little dishes in the sink and run the "wogger". He has really gotten into playing pretend this past month.
  • He also loves to play T-ball and is pretty coordinated with hitting the balls, he is a little dangerous! 
  • He loves to pretend that he is going night-night in his bed. 
  • He got some new books for his birthday and there is one about animals that he loves, we read it over and over.
  • He still gets his passy when its time to sleep, I am not really in a rush to take it away just yet.
  • We don't do much potty training, he isn't really interested, we just talk to him about it and get excited with him when he does inquire about the potty, I don't want to force it and it be a negative association.
  • He is quite bossy, he told me the other day "sit on me beanbag Mama, I be right back"; he wanted to watch his you tube videos the other day and he said "gimme phone Mama". 
  • He always says good morning to the desk person at daycare, even if no one is sitting there :)
  • If he sees a balloon, he goes crazy and has to have it. He can spot them anywhere!
  • I am so pumped that he will sit still in the mornings and watch some cartoons for a little while, I have waited a long time for this! 
  • He loves Braves baseball, and he is always the 1st to know if there is baseball on a TV in a restaurant.
  • He is in a huge Daddy phase right now, he loves to take showers with Daddy, he prefers that Daddy rocks him to sleep, and he copies everything that Daddy does. I am quite jealous :(
  • Speaking of showers, when he is all clean, he knocks on the wall for me to come get him and when he hears my voice he likes to "see Mommy"......

I just love him so much! 

Happy 2nd Birthday Carson!


Suzy said...

Aww, can he be any cuter! Just think, even though you are a bit jealous of his Daddy phase maybe it will help when the new baby comes along....

mary said...

happy birthday Carson!! such a cutie pie!

Anonymous said...

awww! Happy Birthday, Carson!