Monday, August 1, 2011

37 Weeks

I am very excited to meet my new baby boy soon! Hoping he won't be late :)

Had a check up today:
  • Weight Gain - + 3 pounds! Total +33
  • Baby's Heart rate - 140's
  • Belly measured - 38 cm
  • Head is down
  • Blood pressure was good
  • Progress - zip, I asked to begin cervical checks so that I can find out asap if he turns breech (abdominal exams aren't always correct) that way I can try some techniques at home to turn him instead of scheduling a c-section. They said if I was really worried next week they could do an ultrasound to give me piece of mind. 
  • We also discussed options for the scenario of me not going into labor at a certain point. She said at 39 weeks they can strip my membranes and do the same at 40 weeks. At 40 weeks they will do an ultrasound to make sure he is ok, then they will let me go one more week after that. They don't like VBAC patients going to 42 weeks, and from what I have read its hard to find caregivers who will let you go that long. 
Other pregnancy news:
  • I am definitely feeling a ton of pressure when I stand up, I can tell he has dropped. Sometimes when I walk, I get these groin pains and I have to stop walking to reposition my hips, or squat down, or lift my leg or something to get it to go away, strangers get very concerned when I do this :)
  • People keep asking me if I am "done" and the truth is that I am a little sad this pregnancy is coming to a close. I have been fortunate to have pretty easy pregnancies (although not without their challenges), and I must say I have loved being pregnant. I love the whole process, and the best part is right around the corner! However, I am concerned about Carson's feelings and reactions to the new addition, I just hope I can show him enough attention still and that he feels as loved. 
  • I can sleep pretty well, just have to get up a few times to go to the bathroom, turning over in bed and getting out of bed are tough. 
  • I have some swelling, but nothing compared to my pregnancy with Carson.
  • Felt some cramping this morning and an occasional Braxton Hicks contraction day-to-day, other than that no labor signs. My guess is that Colin will come right around his due date. Looking back at Carson's pregnancy, at around 39 weeks I began to see many signs of labor coming soon, I will spare you the details. I am hoping this is the case with Colin.
  • I got all of the breast pump stuff, bottles and passies washed and put away in the "baby cabinet", that is such a task..I forgot how much crap a baby needs if he has to be bottle fed (and bottles are a must for daycare babies).
  • I have a plan in action for someone to watch Carson until my mom can get here from AL. 
  • I am waiting to see what kind of success I have with breastfeeding before I buy all the storage bags, nursing accessories, etc....
  • I don't think there is anything left to do except pack, I have a couple of gowns, nursing bras, undies, etc...and my toiletry bag set aside, but I need to get some new slippers (mine are so old, stained and chewed up), and I need to get some hard candy, juices and snacks for the hospital bag. 
  • Colin's bag is packed, for him I am taking a blanket, hats, some sleeper gowns, and a nicer outfit for his pictures. I am also taking his comb, brush and nail clippers. 
  • I need to find my big yoga ball for labor, but if you know my son and his obsession with balls, I won't be able to utilize this until he is sleeping and when I go to the hospital!

Belly Pictures (feeling a bit more plump and whale-like these days):

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