Monday, August 15, 2011

39 Weeks

I am trying to be very patient! I feel fine and don't really feel like labor is around the corner, of course I am ready to meet my new baby boy, but I am very at peace just waiting right now, I know the more I do to force labor, the greater my chance is of having a c-section.

Dr. Apt this morning:

  • No weight gain, so still +32
  • I honestly don't remember if she measured my belly or not, I had Carson with me so I was a little distracted
  • Colin's heart rate was 146
  • All my other stats were good
  • The Dr. offered to strip my membranes, but I declined. I will be more willing to try some natural induction tactics after my due date has passed, I don't want to do anything too early.
  • I am 1cm dilated and cervix is very thin she said. A lot of what I have read says that cervical progress is no indication of when labor will start, some women can be dilated as much as 2-3 cm for 2 weeks before labor starts, and some don't dilate at all until they have real I am not getting too excited, just being patient. I haven't seen or felt any other signs of labor coming. 

Other preggo news:
  • I also remember feeling just HORRIBLE at 39 weeks with Carson, but I don't feel that way at all this time. Maybe its because I haven't gained so much weight and have been chasing after a toddler during this pregnancy, or I am not as swollen...who knows. At this point I have no idea when this baby is coming. But we are prepared in case he does come on time. 
  • Heartburn is still bad
  • Sleeping is getting tough, SO hard to roll over and even though baby is head down and dropped, its hard to breathe well while laying down.
  • I encountered a horrible hillbilly in Kroger the other day, and for once I put one of these "rude strangers" in their place. She basically yelled at me in the check-out line asking when I was due (I guess I didn't hear her the first time she asked), I replied "one week" and she said something like "yeah it looks like it". So I just smirked and shook my head to sort of let her know that was inappropriate. Then she said "well you're just not a happy camper are you?"  That really annoyed me, so I said "Actually I don't prefer to discuss my pregnancy with strangers" and then she finished with "well, we just good ole country folks trying to share the joy that's all" ..................I did not respond, I was so pissed, I have been so happy with this pregnancy and simply because I don't spill every detail to strangers doesn't mean I am not joyful about my new baby, I just happen to believe in boundaries and MANNERS. This baby is still in MY body and I don't welcome comments about MY body from strangers.

So here is my JOYFUL belly picture at 39 weeks, 2 days, please excuse the hair this was at the end of a busy day:


Amanda McCrory said...

I have Truly enjoyed following your blog, Carson is so Handsome and Growing so fast, Excited to meet Collin soon. I Respect your decision to Wait it out, Wish I could have. I had 2 ER c-sections, now I'm afraid to get Prego again I don't want another C section. I wish you and Cory the Best and Praying for a perfect VBAC!

Hollyhand House said...

You look great! I hope he comes so I can see him this weekend!!

Mary said...

i know you are sooo ready to meet him! prayers for a safe and healthy delivery! can't wait to see pics if Colin :)

From Marriage To Motherhood said...

It's almost time!! I am so happy for you Kimberly : ) Can't wait to see pictures of your new little one : ) How cool that you and Rebecca will both have baby boys so close in age.

Janie said...

I know that kroger! Hahaha it is totally the place to run into "country folk" who have somethin' to say! Oh lordy. So excited for you girl!

Mommy Alyshia said...

So great to see you the other day! Thinking of you as you get ready to welcome Mr. Colin into the world!