Monday, August 8, 2011

38 Weeks

Dr. Apt:
  • I lost a pound, so that makes it +32
  • Belly measured 39cm
  • Baby's Heart rate was 150's
  • No dilation or progress (not surprised since I am still 2 weeks from due date, and I didn't really see any "labor signs" with Carson until around 39 weeks)
  • Head is still down
Other pregnancy news:
Well, the discomfort has officially set in!
  • Colin's movements have become painful on me sometimes, and he loves to rest and move his head on my urethra (ouch).
  • Every time I stand up, I have to stand there a minute to get use to the pressure down there.
  • The groin pain is really bad and it still stops me in my tracks and I have to reposition my legs or hips to help the pain.
  • Oh the heartburn...there are no words.
  • Can't go in public with out some sort of comment from a stranger.
  • I am driving myself crazy trying to keep my house "presentable" in case I go into labor (for my friends and family that will be caring for Carson), I am the type that must clean if anyone is coming over no matter who it is. 
  • I am also trying to stay stocked up on all of the food, drinks and essentials for Carson just in case. 
  • I question every single feeling I get in my stomach and south of there, its really annoying not knowing when I will go into labor. I am a big planner and I love being OVER prepared, so this is the hardest part for me.
  • I haven't really seen any labor signs, other than some cramping here and there.
  • I signed up for a hospital tour (will be 39 weeks at that point), I am hoping Murphy's law will kick in and I will have the baby before the tour! No such luck :)
Our Hospital Bag:
We are pretty much packed for the hospital, we are taking:
  • Camera
  • Slippers/house shoes for us both (Cory's feet froze last time, and I was constantly sending him for apple juice and crackers, so he had to take off his socks to put on his flip flops, it was annoying for him)
  • Cory's pillow - he has a certain one that he sleeps on every night :) 
  • Toiletries
  • Couple of outfits, pajamas, undies and socks for Cory
  • 1 outfit, socks, grandma undies, a couple of nursing bras and 4 gowns for me in case I have a C-section (longer stay)
  • I will probably throw my hair straightener in my bag in case by some miracle I feel like looking nice, I also am keeping my make-up in my purse, I did manage to put some on last time for the hospital pics
  • We just need to throw our phone chargers in our bag and grab Colin's stuff and we are set.
Colin's Bag:
  • 4 gowns (much easier for diaper changes) and hats
  • 1 blanket
  • Brush and comb (they wouldn't give us anything in the hospital to tame Carson's crazy hair!)
  • Cute outfit for the hospital pics/going home (I will order some of these pics so I want him to look cute)
  • Breast pump, I had to wait about 24 hours to see a lactation consultant with Carson, so this time I will have my own pump in case I need it.
  • His carseat and base are all clean and ready to go.
Just now noticing I wear this outfit a lot! I do love this shirt, I am going to be sad to put it away in a few weeks!


mary said...

omg so close!! sooo exciting!! can't wait to see pics of Colin! btw i'm back in blog world i accidentally deleted my old one, i added you!

KIMI said...

I hope Colin comes soon! I definitely understand the whole sitting and waiting for labor to start. I was starting to get so anxious before my Colin came!

Anonymous said...

wow can't believe how close it is! eeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!
You have to tell me what kind of casseroles you like!