Thursday, May 13, 2010

Why Blog?

Recently I started reading Kelly's Corner, a few of my friends like her blog so I thought I would read a few posts. Her recent post is on why she blogs and she asked her readers, Why Blog? I like her blog b/c it is interactive.

Anyway...why blog? I started blogging after I married Cory, b/c it seemed like "the thing to do." So I started mine, and it consisted of a few posts on our wedding, honeymoon, and our precious doggies. Then I got pregnant and my blogging exploded! Pregnancy was no picnic for me, especially in the beginning, well ok, the whole time! My 1st ultrasound which most people experience as the most amazing day ever- to get to see their baby for the very 1st time...well that was one of the worst days of my life. They told us to see a specialist and that there may be something wrong with the baby. I was devastated. Even though I had plenty of supportive friends and family to talk to, every time I talked about it, I cried and couldn't get the words out. So, I blogged, and the blogger support was amazing. And it continues that way to this day. Thankfully Carson was just fine and there was no valid reason for my OB to send me to a Specialist, which I found out 1/2 way through my pregnancy...thus began my mistrust of Doctors.

As for being a mommy, I was the first of my group of friends to have a baby, so I often felt very alone. Through blogging, I met new friends, and re-connected with High School and College buddies who had gone through pregnancy and giving birth. There are some moms out there who are SO helpful whenever I reach out for advice. Thanks girls, your comments mean a lot to me!

Other than finding support for myself and re-connecting with old friends, I blog to also provide a look into my life and experience as a mother. As a mother, I hate when people tell me how to be a mother, so I don't want to inflict that on anyone, I keep Carson's development/my baby advice in the labels section, so its there if anyone wants it.

A new theme you may have noticed is that my opinion on childbirth is changing dramatically. With my first baby, I would have been 1st in line for an unnecessary induction, taken all the drugs they would give me, which probably would have led me to a cesarean anyway based on research I have been doing, and didn't question anything my Doctor said. The 2nd time around, I will be prepared, informed, and will have an active voice in my child-birthing experience. If anyone out there is interested in correlations between cesarean/breastfeeding (or lack-there-of)/unnecessary intervention, I suggest you read my new favorite blog: The Feminist Breeder who has opened my eyes. After reading her blog like a book - its that good, I realized that women are so uninformed about the way childbirth should be. So I will use my blog to help get the word out.

Why do YOU blog?


Janie said...

I started blogging so that family and friends could see what we're up to and keep up with our baby's development. I eventually realized our family doesn't actually read the blog at all and that's okay because what I didn't expect, was all the support I have gotten from other women who do read it. More than anything, though, I wanted a journal that I could print out and save, and one day show to our kids - like when they are starting families of their own. I love hearing my mom's stories about being pregnant and having us, and I wish she remembered more!

Janie said...

BTW I love following your blog and reading your thoughts on childbirth and child raising! Keep it up!

Living4Him said...

Hey Kimberly!

I blog for all kinds of reasons like you mentioned. The most notiable reason, is my sanity!! I like to get it (it being my thoughts) all out there so its not just floating around in my head! I learned dueing Carys' sickness that have things trapped up in my brain is not good for my health!! Also, if ONE PERSON can see Christ's love through what I post, it makes it all worth while!

Thanks for asking!!!


Jennie and Kim said...

Hi Kimberly! My friend and I have started a blog to help create a "no-judegment" supportive community for other moms! We offer free give-a-ways, family fun ideas, recipes for families, product that make our life easier, event calendar and ways to save money! We want to help other moms who are busy find an easy and great way to connect with other moms and ultimately help each other survive motherhood!