Monday, May 17, 2010

1st Braves Game

We took Carson to his 1st Atlanta Braves Game this past weekend, and he really enjoyed it. I don't think he complained one bit. There were so many new things and people to look at, he just took it all in, and was very content. He especially loved the Jumbotron, and the cotton candy man. His eyes followed the cotton candy everywhere! 

All 3 of us waiting on the game to start (please excuse my hair, this was after a long day of work)


This was on the way into the stadium:

Carson's obsession:


It's a little loud, ya think?

And....the poor thing was so tired the rest of the weekend, he took a ton of naps.


Crystal said...

Cutest pictures!!! I LOVE the one of him on Cory's shoulders with his cute little Braves butt! He is just so adorable! Glad yall had a great time!

Rebecca said...

hopefully as carson gets older the braves get better! Thanks for a listening ear glad i have you!

Janie said...

I love that photo where he is passed out! And I love the baseball on the butt of his little Braves outfit. cute, cute, cute!