Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Let the Planning Begin!

I began thinking of Carson's 1st Birthday party a few months ago, but when he turned 9 months old, reality set in...he will be ONE in 3 months! INSANE. Ok, so now that I am over my initial shock that my baby will soon be a toddler, I can plan this shindig. 

At first I thought of an Elmo, Cookie Monster, or Clifford theme..all of which are such cute characters that Carson loves. But I just couldn't commit to any of them. Then we started noticing how much he loves the Dinosaur Train show on PBS, and I have bought him a few Dinosaur books to read (or mainly chew on) I really started to like the Dinosaur idea. And I bet the Dessert Box can make a phenomenal Dino cake! YUM. 

I saw on Baby Foreste's blog  a great Etsy shop for invitations - and saw the cutest Dino invite. This is going to be SO fun! 


Candace said...

I LOVE it! It isn't too cheesy either - perfection. I can't wait to see it coming together. I'm not sure if you read Busy Budgeting Mama (link on my blog), but she always finds great party ideas and blogs about them. Check her out. Happy planning!

Courtney said...

Such a cute idea! Love the invite too!! I'm just beginning to brainstorm, and I'm thinking of either a duck or fish theme since those are favs of Henry right now. I guess I need to start thinking about his bday