Sunday, May 2, 2010

Carson is 9 months old!

We have had a lot going on this month, Carson is growing like a weed, and is getting into everything. Here is what's new:
  • He started crawling (the real thing, up on both knees)
  • He will take steps when you hold his hands
  • He tries to stand on his own, he can do it for about a second, then falls
  • He pulls up and travels holding on to tables, etc...
  • Teething...he is constantly chewing on his hands and passy, still no sign of teeth breaking through
  • Has been playing outside a lot, he loves the grass
  • Has bumped his head a few times...guess he is toughening up
  • We lowered the crib to the lowest setting
  • He is EXTREMELY interested in the dogs, he is constantly following them trying to grab them (Chase wants nothing to do with him, and Charlie wants to French kiss him)
  • He weighs a little over 18 lbs, not sure of the inches
  • He is wearing 9 months clothing and some 12 months
  • He loves to be tickled on the collar bone and thighs, getting rasberries blown on him, and being thrown in the air
  • He is becoming a copy cat, we repeat some of the sounds he makes and he will do it again, then if we laugh, he laughs and so on
  • Still loves making noises with his tongue
  • Still loves to clap, we are working on waving bye-bye
  • His favorite toy is the play table Nana got him, he LOVES it
  • He loves any sweet foods, and his fav veggies are squash, sweet potatoes, and green beans. Recently he has been trying small bites of pasta, gerber star puffs, biter biscuits, and toast; he is not a fan of chunky textures, but we will keep trying
  • He can feed himself some finger foods
  • He still takes a bottle every 4 hours and can hold it himself
  • Has been Zantac-free for about 2 weeks now and doing great
  • He had his first haircut this month and he did great
  • I have started to think about the BIG 1st Birthday! We are 3 months away, I get a little sad thinking about my baby not being a baby. I love rocking him to sleep every night, and I hate thinking that those days are numbered. :(

This is the play table he loves:

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Courtney said...

Awwwh he looks so cute! Henry has a similar play table that he loves too. This is a fun stage...I love when hen copy sweet. Is he giving y'all any trouble when you are changing his diaper or clothes??!! I'm fighting Henry at every diaper change!!