Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Our House...

I mentioned a while back that we were hoping to put our house on the market. My husband wanted it on the market by December 1st which I was not a fan of. I wanted to enjoy the Holidays without strangers coming in and out of my home. Then we lost Charlie and that pretty much settled it, that we were staying put for a while.

I had always had my reservations, mostly because I am lazy, and I didn't want to start over with fixing up a another house. Side note: my husband refuses to buy a new house, he likes fixer-uppers. I also am just not ready to leave my home. I am comfortable and happy where we are. And I really don't want to uproot my life to add a 4th bedroom for the family who visits maybe 4 times per year, if that. My mom who comes pretty often is happy to sleep on the couch whenever we have another baby occupying the guest room.

So with that said, we are ready to make some more improvements to our home, I LOVE doing this. We are going to replace all of the carpet in the bedrooms, and replace the flooring in the kitchen and living room as well. I am a little old school, I kind of want carpet in the living room, it just feels warmer and more comfy to me that way. And I love the way a freshly vacuumed floor looks! Then possibly tile in the kitchen. I think hard wood is beautiful, but since our cabinets are brown, we have to match the color and it won't be easy. So stay tuned for home updates in the New Year!

I hope to take pics of my Christmas Decor and post them soon!

And...I hate "pictureless" posts, so here ya go:

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Cute picture Kimberly : )

Well...we are in the opposite boat...we got an offer on our house - didn't think it would potentially sell so soon; it was only on the market for a month and a half. Decision time!