Monday, December 6, 2010

Carson Lately

I had planned on waiting to do an 18 month post as far as Carson's development etc... goes, but he is really growing, learning and doing some cute things, so I wanted to document them so I won't forget. My plan is to print all of this out one day and put it in his actual baby book.

So at around 16 months is what Carson is up to:

  • A couple of weeks ago he started learning to use a spoon and fork, it is so cute watching him concentrate trying to put the food on the utensil. He still needs a little help with that, but he will have the hang of it very soon!
  • Whenever either of us are in the shower, he loves to pull back the curtain and say BOO! He also likes to sneak up behind the dog and scare him.
  • He loves to walk up to an item that he knows is off limits and look at us and in question form say "No, no?"...he also loves to walk around and tell us "no, no" at things he isn't suppose to touch.
  • His vocabulary has expanded so much in the past month that I can't keep track of all the words now. He is getting really good at repeating new words we say to him. 
  • He knows where his eyes, ears, belly, nose, and hair are, and likes to show us and point ours out too.
  • His favorite song now is Old McDonald, he sings the E-I-E-I-O part all the time. He seems to love parts of music with high-pitch fiddles or saxophones...he gets so excited!
  • He LOVES to Meem-mup (which means clean-up). When he plays he wants to constantly put stuff in containers/baskets and sing his clean-up song.
  • When we say "1" he says "2" and sometimes "3"
  • Still is obsessed with books, he is constantly bringing us a book to read to him, I love is the sweetest thing of all!
  • He also is obsessed with measuring spoons and cups, he pretends to stir. I always let him take a toy of his choice on the ride to day care, this morning it was a red mixing bowl and a spoon. He is so quirky!


Courtney said...

awwwh :) what a cutie! I need to do an update soon too. they just grow up too fast!!

cute about cleaning up :)...this one over here only seems interested in messing up!

Anonymous said...

cute photo! I can't wait to see him next weekend!