Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas Decorations

Our tree is fake and very "old school", its one that you put together branch by branch. I had a smaller pre-lit tree last year, I kind of missed putting the lights on. Next year I want a real tree! 

One of my favorite things to do during the Christmas season is pick out my wrapping paper! I used to work in retail and gift wrapping was my favorite task of all! Still is :)

As far as ornaments go, I have a couple of matching sets to use as fillers, however I am very sentimental with ornaments, so most of mine are gifts, family heirlooms, or souvenirs from our travels. Here are a few of my favorites.

Chase and Charlie:

 Cory loves Auburn football so we have a few of these :)

Probably my most favorite ornaments when I was little and still to this day are the ones my Grandmother hand-made. My mom let me have a few when I moved out because I loved them so much, and one day I hope to inherit them all! 

A friend from work gave me this wooden, hand-made ornament for helping her out while she was on vacation. Its from Canada and it has really made me want more wooden ornaments, I love them!

 Of course Carson's 1st ornament is on my favorites list. We will have a tradition of giving him an ornament every year. 

This is Carson's little night light his Nana (my mom) gave him. It is so cute, and very fitting since he loves doggies!

Our stockings don't match either, I like how they represent our personalities. Mine is the green velvet one, Carson's is the dog and Cory's is the Auburn one. I really need to get some stocking hangers!

I put a tiny tree and some figurines on our DVD shelf, but then realized that the Nativity Scene must go up high this year, so I moved them to the kitchen table.

We got a free Santa photo at the Picture People Studio when we did our photo session there, it turned out so well! We have it displayed in the center of all of the Christmas Cards we receive.

I added a touch of garland with lights to the fireplace. 

And the most important part....the Nativity Scene. I can't wait until Carson is old enough and I can tell him the story of baby Jesus!

I hope everyone is enjoying the Christmas Season! We certainly are!


Living4Him said...

Beautiful! Thanks for sharing! I absolutely adore the wooden ornament. This year I pulled out my blue/snowman/snowflake tree decor. It took me years to collect it and I have not used it in several year.

Next year we are going with an outdoorsy theme so I am starting my collection now.

Also, GO FOR THE REAL TREE! They are awesome. The past two years we went out and cut a cedar but this year I bought a fir which had been great.

You have inspired a decorations post of my own. Thanks and

Merry Christmas...

Hollyhand House said...

We decided that we would get a real tree next year too! I just love them!! But you know me...I will probably have more than one up anyways, so I am sure one will still be fake! haha
--BTW...I love all the pictures of Carson you had cute! :)

Janie said...

So pretty! We have one of those old school fake trees, it takes forever to assemble but that's kind of the fun part! Looks great Kimberly!