Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

We had such a nice time this past weekend. We stayed with Nana and Papa, and got to visit with my brother, SIL and niece, they cooked some great food - shrimp boil! YUM. 

This was Carson's first experience with the pool, and he loved it. He was so relaxed in the water. He looked so cute in his swim suit.

While we were there he decided to give walking a try...yes WALKING. He took 3 steps by himself on Friday, every now and then he will give it a try, so I guess it won't be long before he is a walker. :) I am so proud of my baby. 

Carson got to play with his cousin Alivia (I didn't get any pics of her sadly, but she was so precious), and he made a couple of new friends, Carys and Sawyer (My friend Alison's children). I got to catch up with Alison, it was so nice to see her in person and meet her beautiful kids. Thanks for coming over Ali, we had a blast! 

We ended the weekend at Crystal and Riley's for a BBQ with them and Cyndee and Dan. We got to play with Anna Riley - such a sweet baby girl! I had so much fun being "back home". 

Here are a few pics:

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Rebecca said...

I am so glad you guys had a great time and Carson loved the pool! We will have to make some pool visits this summer!