Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Fathers' Day 2010

Cory said he had a nice Fathers' Day. I tried my hardest to compete with Mothers' Day - he made it SO nice for me. We had a special treat - getting to babysit Zoe too! She was such a joy to have around and Carson enjoyed playing with her.

I made strawberry pancakes and bacon for Cory and the 4 of us all ate breakfast together. Then while the babies played I started the roast that we had for dinner. I also made banana pudding...yum! Becca and Zach came over to get Zoe around lunch and we all enjoyed some time outside with Cory's new horshoe set that he got for Fathers' Day. It was a great day, Cory WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH, thanks for being the best Da-Da there is!

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