Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Sadness.....I went to Benihana for lunch today and discovered they no longer have yum-yum sauce! Those who know me understand this is a tragedy. I haven't been able to eat Japanese since I got pregnant, and now that I am wanting it again, the best part is gone. Rest in peace yum yum sauce. :(


Candace said...

Japanese was my FAVORITE when I was pregnant - still is. I would definitely quit going if they didn't have shrimp sauce though.

I actually ate Japanese the night I went into labor. As soon as I finished my meal I wasn't feeling well.

Living4Him said...

I too LOVED Japanese when I was preggo!! I would make Justin go by and order just rice and sauce (which he hated to do) but it was cheaper that way! Mabey you can find another place that has it?!?

THinking of you ALWAYS!

Caroline said...

I think you need counseling!