Monday, March 30, 2009

Home Updates

Kitchen before, had white walls:

We painted the Dining room the same as the living room:
The kitchen color is a very light purple/blue/gray:
This is not the best "before" shot, but the living room walls were white and the mantle was cream:
After: we went with a cross between a sand and a tan.

I promise the mantle is a much deeper chocolate than it looks in the picture, we will change the tile on the fireplace to make it a sand/tan when we get a chance, and we are working on hiding the TV cords ;)
White walls before:


All white before:
Notice the white floor:
Cory's parents had some left over tile from their kitchen and they helped us w/ this floor:
We went with a vibrant green, and did a green and brown theme:

We changed out the face plates on the switches and plug outlets:

And found a $30 faucet at Home Depot:
The TO DO List:
Finish changing out all face plates, switches and outlets in the living room
Find an area rug for the living room (we are shopping and pricing)
A few touch ups all over from careless mistakes and paint bleeding through the painters tape
Finish painting trim in Carson's room (wall is painted, I will post that on baby blog)
Price and pick out tile for the fireplace
Maybe some landscaping, who knows!
Oh and our bedroom and bathroom won't be painted for a couple of years...we are so tired of painting!


Crystal said...

It all looks great! Cant wait to see it in person. It takes forever to update a house!!! (There is always something to do!)

The Moore Family said...

Looks great! The new paint looks like it made it "home-ier" than the white walls. Love it!