Wednesday, March 25, 2009

20 weeks, 4 days

I am almost to the 21 wk mark...time is going by very slow for me. We took our hospital tour last night at Northside Forsythe Hospital. And we fell in love with it, the people were wonderful, the facility is new, clean, and very personal, and very close to our house.

I had my 20 week check up today and everything looked good. Carson was moving A LOT like usual when we were trying to get the heartbeat, he always gets hiper when we need to get something done....this reminds me so much of Cory. :)

A few negatives....

If possible (I will be working on doing this today) Cory and I would like to find another OB Dr. to continue my care. There is nothing bad about my Dr., but she has no bedside manner and has not prepared me the way I hear most Dr.'s prepare their other patients. I also feel that my wishes are not as important as her own. For those of you who are not familiar with Atlanta and the hospitals - Northside/Downtown is considered the Baby Factory, its the largest maternity area around. Almost EVERYONE has their babies there, b/c its good, but it is also crowded, in downtown and I don't feel we will get the attention we need there, not to mention that the location is extremely inconvenient for us. And my Dr. is a HUGE advocate for this hospital. The hospital we prefer is Northside/Forsythe, its just our choice and she doesn't respect that. So we are going to change OB practices to one that delivers mainly at Forsythe. I have heard rumors that some Dr.'s won't accept new patients after the 1st trimester, so I hope that is not the case.

Another thing I struggle with is my weight gain, I am constantly reminded by strangers that I am much larger than I should be at this point. People I meet often think that I am about to deliver. For example....when we walked into the hospital last night we looked around and a nurse pointed me to admissions, and I looked puzzled...and said we were here for the tour. And she laughed and said "Oh I thought you were here to have your baby." Thanks lady.

I am +16 pounds since I got pregnant. My Dr. said its fine, but from what I have read, at my weight before pregnancy, I only needed to gain around 20 lbs. So obviously I am way overboard. I am not looking for advice, as I have spoken with my Dr. regarding some changes I need to make in my diet. I just wanted to ask for some prayers since this is something that constantly frustrates me.


Candace said...

Don't get frustrated by your weight gain! You are just taking care of your baby like a good mother should!

Praying for you always!

(Nice hospital name too - my maiden name, of course!)

Anonymous said...

Hi! You might want to contact a doula and see if they have any Dr.s that they recommend for that hospital. I spoke to Teresa Howard with A Labor of Love several times and she recommended my current group, and I love them (but they deliver at North Fulton). She has worked with many of the OBs in the area and can give some insight as to which ones will be more personable and spend time with you.

I know what you mean about the weight gain. I'm no skinny minny to start with, and when I got pregnant I got HUGE so fast (in the 11 weeks that I was pregnant). People thought I was in my 2nd trimester. Nothing fit and I was mortified to go bra shopping - even the maternity stores didn't have anything that fit me. I felt like just going out and buying a moomoo and getting it over with. You are going to be a wonderful mom, and that is going to be one beautiful healthy baby! You have the rest of your life to lose the baby weight.

Anonymous said...

Hey I just was looking at the Labor of Love website, and it looks like they have a blog now:

Living4Him said...

Hey Kimberly,

I know this is easy to say comming from someone other than you but you look great! What is even more important than that is that the Doc says you are healthy. I love to read the "books" but sometimes they are just too general and the author DOES NOT know you, your doctor does.

I understand what you mean about the doctor. I was blessed to have a great OB that expalined everything, even the second time when I thought I was an expert. She was quick to point out differences in the pregancies.

No matter what, remember that we are PRAYING for you in all of these situations. The WORST thigs you could do is stress yourself!

Love and Prayers

April Lowery said...

Just remember..that your baby could care less if you gain more weight than the doc says you should! Enjoy your pregnancy & experience. I gained 70 pounds with my, I def know all about the speeches and words of wisdom...oh, well. I still gained 60 with the 2nd!!