Sunday, September 11, 2011


We have had a pretty good few weeks so far, I love having Colin here...and I just love the newborn cuddle stage. It's like he has always been here and I don't know what we did without him.

Getting to know Colin:

  • He is such a cuddly baby, he loves to be held, be in the swing or bouncy seat.
  • He eats about every two - three hours. He is up to about 3 oz now, about half breastfed and half formula.
  • He has some nights where he will sleep for about 4-5 hours at a time (in our bed), then other nights where he is awake every hour, the gas medicine helps and sometimes he just wants to eat again even if he just ate and hour earlier.
  • He had his check-ups and everything looked great, the last weight check, he was at 8 lbs 4 oz (one week ago).
  • He is obsessed with his hands, I am not kidding, I need an extra hand when I try to feed him just to get his hands out of the way.
  • He really doesn't like being swaddled, which is so different from Carson as a baby.
  • He is wishy-washy with the passy, sometimes he will take it, other times he wants nothing to do with it.
  • He started to become more alert and looking at us and smiling :)
  • He loves to be rocked, to ride in the car and any motion really.
  • He enjoys the warm bath water but doesn't like getting bathed.
  • He is still in newborn clothes and size newborn diapers although I think the size ones would work also. 
  • He is such a good big brother.
  • He loves having Colin around and always asks where he is if he doesn't see him in the room.
  • He has several names for him: Cawlden, Con, and Conyen
  • Every morning he says (in a drawn out southern twang) "Good Mawning Cawlden" so cute.
  • He likes to help us by throwing the diapers in the trash, throwing the bottles in the sink and he brings us Colin's passy, and helps swing him.
  • Every time we even mention that Colin needs a diaper change, Carson runs into the other room to hurry and get his step stool positioned at the changing table so he can watch, it's hilarious.
  • When we give the boys a bath together, Carson will give Colin some toys, and pour water on his belly, so sweet.
  • He treats the bouncy seat like its his recliner.
  • Whenever Carson wants my attention all to himself, he says "put in swing" referring to Colin, so funny. 

Mom and Dad:
I love being home with my two babies, Colin is so sweet and Carson entertains me all day. I even took them to chick file by myself the other day so Carson could play somewhere outside of the house, then we went to see the daycare staff to let them meet Colin, it was good to see everyone.

It took me a couple of weeks to really feel healed, I guess I thought this would be a breeze since I didn't  have surgery, but I just have to remind myself I pushed out and almost 8 pound baby!

Cory and I got to enjoy a lovely night out thanks to my mom and my aunt who babysat, it was a nice break but I did miss the boys. We ate at Tam's Backstage, if you are local to my area, it is a must-try!

I am really looking forward to Halloween this year, I can't wait to see Carson and Colin in their costumes, I am starting to brainstorm for their costumes!

Here are a few pics from the first 3 weeks:

Colin's 1st real bath with big brother:

All snuggled up after the bath:

Carson let Colin rock with him one night:

Enjoying the swing:

Hanging out with Mommy:

Late night awake time:

Getting dry after a bath:

Look at the sweet dimples!


Rebecca said...

Cracks me up...Zoe does the exact same thing when hse wants me to follow her or my full attention...she points right to the swing and says in swing! so funny. Love the last pic of COlin...he has changed so much!

Mary said...
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crystal hollyhand said...

So sweet! He has changed so much!! Glad everything is going well!

Mary said...

omg Colin is just percious!! that strawberry hair and dimples awww! and that pic of Carson rocking him is too sweet!..hope the first few weeks are going well! i rem those first few months, but then i rem sleep through the night does come back soon!! :) im finally back in blog world accidentally deleted old :( but new is!

Suzy said...

This totally makes me want another one NOW!

I especially love the cuddle time with your boys in the recliner...can you say heart melting?


Janie said...

So good to see a post from you! I can't believe how much he's grown and changed since you brought him home...oh my gosh! So sweet!