Sunday, August 17, 2008

Unexpected Family Reunion

This weekend, my mom and sister came to get their new puppies - Hershey and Zoey. We are very sad to see them go, I only cried a little for Hershey though, I was partial to her, but we just can't have 3 dogs. Its a lot of work raising puppies, we have raised 2 and our dogs are a year old and very trained. The puppies are SO cute right now and its hard to give them up, but I know its better in the long run, and we can begin to focus more on Charlie and Chase again. I am sure they won't mind being the babies again! We send Dot to her new home tomorrow and are currently looking for a home for the little boy named Tux, I think I almost have Ali and Jeff talked into it! I am praying for a good home for him. But here are some pics from the family this weekend: My aunts Kay and Beth came, and cousins Al and Fran and their daughter Lauren. Kay brought her grandchildren, Emmy and Kenzie over to play and we watched movies. I didn't take as many pictures as I would have liked. We usually only get to see eachother twice a year, but now that Cory and I live here, we are pretty central to the whole family so its a good meeting place.
Cory wouldn't look at the camera, of course to pester me! And it wasn't a special occasion so I couldn't make him take a picture!

This is the puppy we call TUX, who we are trying to find a home for, he is a cutie!

Another cute pic of TUX, I actually just took these tonight to show Ali and Jeff how cute he is!

This is my cousin Emmy adn my aunt Kay, Emmy was a mess! She cracked us up the entire night and next day!
This is my mom holding her new baby for the first time, Hershey was sleepy.

This is my sister with her new little one, Zoey.

This is my cousin Makenzie. I made her a pallet to watch a movie and Charlie thought that I made it for her. So she and Kenzie had to share ;)

Another one of Emmy and aunt Kay.

Me and the Chaser watching a movie.


Amanda and Keith said...

Ya'll Make a wonderful couple. Congratulations and best wishes

Crystal and Riley said...

Mrs. Faye is so funny! I love the pallet!