Thursday, February 28, 2013

Beach 2012

This trip was bittersweet, Carson had an AMAZING time; it was so great to experience the beach in his eyes at this age. We went with Nana, Papa, Aunt Caroline and cousin Andrew. Carson and Andrew bonded through a lot of football tossing and wrestling.  Onto Colin, oy.......poor thing was cutting four teeth at once for a few months and he was so clingy. He wouldn't let anyone else handle him but that made relaxation a bit was even worse that he didn't understand how to not get sand in his eyes and he would not keep his sunglasses on. I think I next trip will be so much better with them both being a bit older.

Cory and Andrew found hundreds of hermit crabs in the ocean....literally! It was amazing!

Here are Carson and Andrew at the Fabulous Wolf Bay Lodge, our family's favorite restaurant!

Sea N Suds...Another favorite!

We also went to the Race track so Carson could ride Go-carts, that was SO fun, and they also had tiny carnival area where the kiddos could ride some more rides. 

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