Thursday, September 17, 2009


Since I have been staying home everyday on maternity leave (which I enjoy very much...I didn't think that I would like being at home everyday)I have racked up a number of favorite daytime TV shows: The Doctors, The View, Days of Our Lives, Wife Swap, Baby and Adoption Stories, Dr. Oz and Ellen.

While I don't get to watch every single one of these shows every day (obviously since I have a new baby who is not on a set schedule yet) I do enjoy them when I have the chance. I feel like I should start taking notes on the Doctors and Dr. Oz. The information they give and the questions they answer are really helpful.

Some of the answers are SO simple, for example:
On Dr. Oz's show today, he asked some audience members to bring some items that are kept in their bathrooms. He then tested them for certain bacteria, and most of them came back positive for fecal bacteria! One of the reasons is the flushing of toilets. He said that the water particles can shoot 20 feet out into the air and onto your belongings! Gross! So, he said you can cut down most of that by just closing the lid before you flush - b/c THAT IS WHY ITS THERE! Duh...I never thought of that!

Another thing that he tested were womens' purses which also had fecal matter on them from setting them down on floors including public restroom floors. He showed us this nifty little hook that clamps onto a table and you can hang your purse on it. I actually have one of these somewhere (my sister gave it to me for my B'day, but I was pregnant at that time and can't remember what I did w/ it!)

I never realized how dirty the world was until I had a baby, and now I am a freak! I am CONSTANTLY washing my hands, and when I go to the store, I probably use my hand sanitizer at least 3 times while I am in there since I have to touch the baby if he starts to fuss. Not that I don't want him to grow, but I dread when he becomes mobile...crawling on floors and putting things in his mouth....ick!

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Crystal said...

just wait until Carson starts to share his food with your pups! I've caught Maddie doing it several times. GROSS!!!!