Monday, December 29, 2008

Back from Christmas!

We started our own traditions this year since it was our 1st Christmas in our house. On Christmas Eve, Cory and I ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast, watched Christmas movies all day and decorated a Gingerbread house. We also made Christmas shaped cookies. It was nice, I can't wait until our little one is here! Then we visited my sisiter, Scott and Andrew on Christmas Day- Cory fell in love with guitar hero and now realtes every song we hear to that game. Then to Berry then to C-ville. The baby racked up on gifts too, my mom got some pacifiers, a Christmas outfit for next year, a little stuffed lamb, and some cloth diapers that she will have monogrammed later on. Cory's mom gave us some bibs, Caroline and Scott gave us some money, Becca gave us a book, and Misty and Shawn gave us a Christmas baby blanket. I didn't expect all of that, but it was a nice surprise! We also racked up on Home Depot gift certificates so we will be able to do some work to fix up our house. I didn't get any pics of Andrew; we were so preoccupied with Charlie escaping from the deck, I forgot to bring my camera in, so I am hoping my sis will post one.
This is Alivia in here little Denim jacket we got for her:

The Phillips grandchildren:

Our Gingerbread House:

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